Joining and working with Habitat for Humanity can mean a variety of things to each individual. For some, dedicating a Saturday to renovate a home while working with other volunteers and getting to spend time with the actual home owners, provides them an opportunity to volunteer and see the real and tangible differences they are making. For others, educating themselves and others about the housing issues that Habitat strives to address, is a fulfilling experience because they value the importance of awareness and advocacy. And for more, just having a friendly and welcoming environment to meet other students with similar interests and having fun, while supporting a great cause, is just the right amount of commitment.

The Habitat for Humanity at the University of Michigan chapter strives to provide a fun and meaningful variety of events and activities for all our members to participate in. No experience is necessary for any of our events, so even if you have never picked a hammer or have never heard of "secure tenure" before, we will teach you how to nail a board and how you can foster positive change in the midst of our housing crisis.

The extent to your involvement is totally up to you, based on your availability and desire to participate. Of course, we encourage you and your friends to get involved with ALL of our events, but we offer flexibility so that we can accommodate you. And don’t forget, the more nails, our membership point system, you earn by participating in our events, the more awesome prizes and recognition you will receive from our organization throughout the year!

Ways to get involved:


  • Volunteer on Saturday Build Days, working the soup kitchen at the Delonis Community Kitchen, or participate in our other service activities available throughout the year.

Join a Committee

  • Work behind the scenes and help organize some of our events. You can join the Community Relations or Publicity Committee! For more info, contact the Core member in charge of each committee.

Participate in Fundraising Events

  • In order to fund our construction projects, we host a variety of fundraising events. From restaurant and bars nights to a Beat OSU 5K Fun Run, we appreciate your help and participation. Check the calendar for all our upcoming fundraising events.

Travel on Collegiate Challenge

  • Join our national build trip, Collegiate Challenge, and travel somewhere warm for Spring Break, while making new friends and helping build at another affiliate for an entire week. It’s a lot of fun so you don’t want to miss out!